Inpatient Detox Treatment

Martha’s Vineyard Detox Treatment Referral Program

Detox is often the first step in the continuum of care for addiction treatment and can be a critical step on the road to recovery for people with substance use disorder. The goal of a detox program is to get you stable, sober, and ready to enter addiction treatment. 

Through the Martha's Vineyard Detox Treatment Referral Program, Vineyard residents are given immediate access to off-Island detox services facilities (Gosnold or AdCare) that do not exist on the Island.

The agreement with these off-Island detox facilities also provides an option to receive services from a Recovery Coach, who will guide the patient and loved ones through the process, accompany the patient on the boat, and make sure he or she gets to and from the detox facility safety. The Recovery Coach will work with counselors at the center to lay out the next steps for when the patient returns to the Island.

The Detox Referral Access Program can be accessed through:

  • MV Community Services Island Intervention Center - 24/7 Emergency Services:
  • MV Hospital 24/7 Substance Use Disorder Support Line: